5 Reasons You Should Take a Break from Technology after Work

Your daily life is full of drama already. With that work pressure along with some family chaos, I bet you get stressed out a little every now and then. Then again, when you are surrounded by your phone, laptop or the TV, the daily dose of drama gets spiced up a little bit with the social media fever and hence you are just never at peace!

Here are some really important reasons why you should unplug all your tech-devices and take a break from your tech after work—

  • Recover from Stress – You are already stressed out with various reasons. You need to relax and take a break from your work. If you keep talking with your colleagues or your friends on the phone, then it might only increase your stress level.
  • Stop you from Multi-Tasking – Really you should never bring your work home. Sending E-mails, talking about work with colleagues about work and then helping your kid with his homework isn’t going to work. So switch off your phone at least for an hour after you are home.
  • Get Rid of the Internet Addition – Internet addiction is no doubt killing us all but one really should take a break from this addiction. Whether your colleague is sharing her engagement pictures on Instagram or your Boss’s wife got a new hair cut, just give it a rest and logout.
  • Get better Sleep – When you stop using your phone at least one hour prior to your sleep schedule, it is proven that you get better, proper and peaceful sleep. However, a research has found out that social media doesn’t actually make you feel connected to others; rather, it makes you lonely, jealous, jaded and frustrated.
  • You won’t be the member of “Mean Girls” anymore – People tend to become quite judgmental once they are influenced by social media. And a study has also found out that people who don’t use cell phones are more likely to be polite than those who do. You possibly cannot really “stop” using cell phones but at least you can reduce the amount of time and well that will help!

Here are a few reasons for why you need to take a break from everything. To lead a healthy and happy life.